Simona Chera, PhD

simona-cherasimona.chera [at] uib.no | Google scholar | ResearchGate | ORCID iD: 0000-0001-6310-3486

Simona Chera received a PhD in Regeneration and Developmental Biology from University of Geneva, Switzerland, and a B.Sc. in Genetics and Developmental Biology from University of Bucharest, Romania.  She is now an Associated Professor at the Department of Clinical Science, University of Bergen, Norway.

Thomas Aga Legøy, PhD student

K2nytt_2017_Uke-12_Nytt-navn_Thomas-LegøyThomas Aga Legøy started on 15 March 2017 as a PhD student. Thomas finished his Master of biology at the University of Bergen and now works on the characterization of the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in the gradual failure of insulin producing β-cells in monogenic diabetes.


Andreas Frøslev, Master student

18922040_10211282086181746_2130024442635823038_nAndreas started as master student on the biomedicine programme. He will focus on the insulin-producing β-cell senescence and proliferation quiescence mechanisms in monogenetic diabetes.



Karen Eggeland, Technician (animal facility)


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