Molecular & Cellular Biology:

Expertise in microarray and deep-sequencing analysis, RNA extraction, miRNA, PCR, qPCR, DNA cloning, RNA interference, in situ hybridization, drug administration, Western blotting, ELISA, cell culture, cell tracing, FACS, immunofluorescence, confocal microscopy;


Expertise in mouse breeding and colony handling, transgenesis, organ collection, pancreatic islet isolation and transplantation, injection, blood collection, metabolic tests, pharmacological treatments, embryonic organ collection;

Computer skills:

Microscopy/bio-imaging software: Leica LAS AF (advanced), OpenLab (advanced), Volocity (advanced), Imaris (advanced), ImageJ Cloning softwares: MacVector (advanced)

Statistics and high-throughput data analysis: R (standard), GeneSpring (advanced), IPA (Ingenuity Pathway Analysis Software) (standard), Partek (Standard)

Image processing & design: Photoshop (advanced), Illustrator (advanced), Maya (standard)

Language: Unix (beginner), AppleScript (beginner), Php (intermediate), Html (intermediate)

Web and databases: Dreamweaver (intermediate -certified), Coldfusion (beginner), PHP/MySQL (intermediate, created the lab’s mouse database and several databases for deep-seq results), FileMaker PRO (intermediate –certified), wide range of online databases and tools.

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